Hey loves! A few days ago I came back from a 4 day trip to Madrid. It was an unforgettable time there. The weather was fantastically beautiful, but at the same time very cold and dry. In addition, my schedule was very tight with meetings and photo shoots… that means I have to look good, despite stress and short nights of sleep… in moments like these, the right skin care is essential. For a few weeks I have been testing the products of the beauty label Dr. Noel Amalthea Feelgood. The face cream and serum.

And I have to say that I’m really happy that I prepared my skin so well for this journey… because it looks younger, fresher and silkier than it has been in a long time.
My skin has larger pores in some places, which i don’t particularly like… but since i’ve been using Dr. noel Amalthea Feelgood products, these areas have become very fine-pored and slightly visible wrinkles have decreased. It also have to be said that both products smell very good and the consistency is rich but light at the same time. Just the perfect treatment for a skin that needs special attention like mine. I prefer to use the day cream in the morning before I apply makeup and it works wonderfully in preparation for that. The serum is best for my skin in the evening and prepares it perfectly for the night. 

You find more information about Dr. Noel Amalthea Feelgood here. And there is a reels waiting for you on Instagram… where you can convince yourself one more time of my great skin at the moment. Have a lovely day!