Mercedez EQS

My road trip with the new Mercedes EQS was an unforgettable experience. Considering that electromobility is one of the most important tasks to create a framework for a sustainable, independent and pleasureful life, we need extraordinary efforts in the car industry. For me, the Mercedes EQS is a role model for future-oriented luxury cars, seamlessly harmonizing design, ingenuity, sensuality and an optimistic look ahead.

Driving the brand new EQS has changed my view to electric cars significantly. Sustainable luxury and powerful driving performance is the keyword, because one does not have to exclude the other when it comes to the new EQS Mercedes.

I was on the road through Switzerland and Northern Italy with this elegant hatchback sedan for three days and I had enough time to become one with this new technology, and of course with the outstanding hyperscreen. The Mercedes EQS fulfills every luxury requirement. It starts with the extraordinary reach of more than 700 km up to the unique design and a technology that really leaves nothing to be desired. When we talk about power, this car is absolutely outstanding and develops an acceleration that really gives you the feeling of starting a jet. At the end of the day, this technology is the only way to make our environment better, I guess. Have a lovely day!