Hey loves. Today’s blog post comes from Zurich, where this photo shoot for Daniel Wellington took place right at the swanky Zürisee. The weather couldn´t have been better… 20 degrees, sunshine and the air was so clear that the Swiss mountains were visible in the distance. I’m very happy to be in Hamburg and Zürich at home.

Just as mundane as the Zürisee is this Daniel Wellington watch, i am wearing at today’s photo shoot. Love it! Whether elegant or sporty, this watch matches to any outfit. It is also light, very flat and it feels confortable on the skin.

For me, a watch is an important part of my looks. A must-have. Although it has a function, it is much more a piece of jewelry for me. Wearing no watch, is not an option for me. It defines my personality, myself. Am I old fashioned? What do you think? I wish you a wonderful day! Thank you for stopping by! xoxo Georgina Moreno.