Elixseri Maldives

Hey loves. I am back home after three weeks on the Maldives. As always, the time on the Maldives was absolutely fantastic and cannot be surpassed. It’s just my favorite place in the world. Just there I really feel complete and have the feeling that I have finally arrived… and that applies not only to my soul but also to my body. 

This tropical warmth, the sun, the brightness… I just feel physically better and more beautiful there. Nevertheless, I don’t neglect my skin care there either, because the sun and sea dry out the skin extremely and it’s important to take the right care with you so that the skin doesn’t get too much, but also not too little protection. Elixieri has been accompanying me since several years and I am very proud to be part of the Elixseri family. It’s not so easy for me to find the right grooming products, because I have oily skin. Products that are too rich cause me pimples and impure skin… I used to struggle with it a lot in the past… Since I’ve been using Elixseri, the problem has become much rarer and I’m so happy, that I no longer have to be ashamed of my skin. There are many reasons to trust and use Elixseri.  The packaging is sustainable and very high quality. Elixseri comes from Switzerland and invests a lot in research and top quality for the ingredients of their products. Elixseri works with trustworthy influencers and attaches great importance to high-quality collaboration… and last but not least, they use serums, which can be much more beneficial for the skin than rich creams. And above all, they consider that today’s woman has many different situations to deal with and create the right product for each of them. I hope I could convince you a bit more about this great brand. You can find more information about Elixseri here and I have prepared a reel and posts for you on Instagram. Have a lovely day!