Rolls Royce Black Badge Ghost

If you think you’ve seen everything luxury has to offer, you’ll be taught otherwise. Because there are no upper limits, especially when it comes to the legendary Rolls Royce car.

A few days ago I had the unique opportunity to drive the Black Badge Ghost Rolls Royce and my trip went to the Hotel Severins Resort & Spa in Sylt. On this ride, I realize pretty quickly that nothing is ordinary here anymore… that this is the next level.
If I had to compare this car to an airplane, it would be the Boeing 747-400… Majestic, big, sublime, insanely strong with unbridled power, despite the stately appearance.
It’s really amazing, but it’s an absolute fact that you don’t notice the speed in this car. This is due to the size, stability and unbridled power of the engine. Driving feels like a gentle whoosh and suddenly you’re at 250 km/h and you can hear your favorite bossa nova song at a comfortable volume and have a normal conversation.

I was wondering why the car is called ghost… my very own interpretation is, because it floats very gently and unobtrusively. The Black Badge Ghost doesn’t need to attract attention to be heard… because true luxury goes without words. Have a lovely day!

Rolls Royce Black Badge Ghost Interior
Rolls Royce Black Badge Ghost Interior