Tour de Grandezza

It’s no secret that glamor has a strong attraction for me. Glamor is a philosophy, a way of life, a choice that I’ve definitely made for my life.A few days ago I just got back from a trip that was brimming with glamor and grandeur. It started in Zurich, where I was allowed to spend a few days in the legendary Grand Hotel Baur au Lac directly on Lake Zurich and was allowed to turn the pages of the newly renovated entrance area. New is always better, but in the case of a grand hotel, it’s also important to honor and embrace its past. That is exactly what has been achieved here. The entrance area is modern, more welcoming, yet still recognizable as historic and worthy of a grand hotel. The days at the Baur au Lac just flew by for me. I got to know the hotel and was even allowed to look at the viewing terrace, which gives you a 360 degree view of Zurich. The dinner at Restaurant Pavillon was unique not only because of the extraordinary location, but also because of the wonderful food and excellent service. Breakfast was also there. In my opinion the best moment of the day, especially when it starts in a grand hotel.When I wasn’t at breakfast, I was found on the terrace enjoying a glass of rosé champagne after shopping on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse, which is just a few steps from the hotel. My suite was spacious, the bed was large and comfortable and the view of Lake Zurich… oh, do I have to say something else?

Saying goodbye to Baur au Lac wouldn’t have been particularly easy for me if my next destination hadn’t been the Badrutt´s Palace in St. Moritz. A place that has been on my bucket list for a long time. After circa two hours of driving through a picturesque landscape, I arrived and was welcomed in a very friendly and loving manner. Faster than usual, I was taken to my room and the first thing I noticed, as an interior design fan, was the beautiful bathroom with marble as far as the eye can see…. And immediately afterwards I was struck by the view of the stately St. Moritz Lake, which looked like it was painted… and that with a cloudless sky, no wind and 25 degrees.The lobby of the Palace lives up to its name… sublime, rich in history, sophisticated… the catwalk of St. Moritz (said by the locals) where wealthy people of the world meet. My second favorite place was once again the breakfast room… you feel great there and enjoy your rich and healthy breakfast with a view of the lake, which is slightly covered by the morning fog… occasionally you could also find me in the spa where I got a wonderful full body massage and splash around in the huge indoor pool. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to get to know all of the Badrutt’s Palace’s restaurants, but I was able to visit two legendary ones. Once the Pizzeria Heuboden where I had the most distinguished shuttle for dinner so far… with a Vintage Rolls Royce Long Version. The atmosphere there is unique and my truffle pizza was the best one so far. For lunch the following day, we went high up in the mountains to Paradiso Restaurant. The weather was perfect and the view, as expected, unique…The other day I was allowed to look at the newly renovated tower suite, where the legendary entrepreneur, photographer and bon vivant Gunter Sachs has lived for many years. The three floors of pure luxury and comfort are now available to book. I would like to return soon to experience the magic of Badrutt’s palace in winter too… a unique experience for sure. xoxo Georgina Moreno