Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc

Life is a journey and during this journey there are stops that have to be made. Stops that change our life, mind and soul. There are few places in the world that are surrounded with a special aura, which work magically and attract extraordinary people … Legendary places, which are rightly hyped.

The Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc at the French Riviera is such a place. Before arriving there, I thought a lot about whether my expectations were too high and whether I would be disappointed in the end … I am a person who believes in the power of the first impression and usually something turns out to be positive or negative in the first seconds …That’s exactly how it was when I saw this majestic property from the back seat of my limousine after a slight left turn. From that moment on I was allowed to feel like a queen.

The door of the car was opened and I went upstairs to this entrance hall, which is blessed with wonderful sunlight. During my entire stay I had absolutely perfect weather… the sky was cloudless and 21 degrees during the day and pleasant cool evenings, where you are in good hands wearing a cashmere look. When i packed my suitcase for the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, I decided a bit hesitantly to take a bikini with me too… and this was the best decision i could have made. In the afternoon the temperature was just perfect and all hotel guests met on the legendary Eden Roc pool to enjoy the last sunbathing of the year before autumn finally starts in south France.

The pool is embedded in the caramel-colored rocks and the sea is dark green … to complete the epic picture, there were several yachts in front of the hotel. From my sun lounger, I also could see beautiful people who were in the mood for fashion and beauty. Happy people who, like me, felt the uniqueness of the moment.Three things are very important for me when I am traveling. The food, service and accommodation. I stayed for four days and three nights in a very spacious suite with an unforgettable view of the sea and experienced the most beautiful sunsets on Cap d’Antibes. The food was delicious and attention was paid to special requests and incompatibilities, which made my stay much better.

The Eden Roc is legendary and a place that will change you and stay in your memory forever … Check out my Instagram stories highlights for the videos of my trip, if you like. xoxo Georgina Moreno.