Lake Garda Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas

Over the years my sense of aesthetics and beauty has changed a lot towards simplicity and minimalism. For this reason the first stop of my road trip through Italy, some time ago, was just perfect.
The Lake Garda Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas is located on Lago di Garda and is, as the name suggests, a mixture of hotel and villas. The architecture is unexpected for this region, super modern and the property is spacious with an unique view of the lake.

The room we stayed in was more of an apartment with two rooms, three bathrooms, living room, kitchen and a spacious terrace with a pool. During our stay we have the chance to visit some of the spacious villas, some of which have already been sold and others can be rented… This moment was a dream come true situation for me, as a lover of architecture and exclusive properties.I saw the house of my dreams and I was amazed about everything… These villas are a gathering of superlatives… I saw the longest kitchen island of my life and a house entrance that filled up like the gateway to the clouds… floating over the majestic Lago di Garda. The interior design of the houses was a gathering of the best furniture brands in the world putted together with a lot of talent.

About the hotel I was not less amazed… I felt very comfortable there with the best food and super friendly staff and a very luxurious and comfortable accommodation… I am definitely coming back soon! You can find more impressions on my Instagram under F-Type Trip. xoxo Georgina Moreno.

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