My new THEM. Carpet

Alright folks… here comes a topic that I really love… and as I’ve already noticed, you too. Interior & Decoration. I’m very domestic… yes, really! I know it sounds unbelievable as I travel a lot and am constantly on the move around the world….but I’ll tell you…. I’m always happy to come home and then only go out when I have to… of course shopping or business appointments and such… but other than that I don’t have to leave the house all the time and I’m just happy to be inside.

In my constant research for exciting new online shops, I discovered THEM. It is an online shop that focuses on preserving ancient traditional craftsmanship and is constantly looking to all four corners of the planet for talented artisans and artisanal creations. At THEM. you find Berber carpets from the mountains of the Middle Atlas, the basket-weavers of Indonesia, the natives of Colombia and also carved wooden creations, the indigo dyes of Mali, the ceramists of Spain, Portugal, Italy…

THEM. was founded 4 years ago and now works with more than 300 Berber weavers from Morocco, a dozen European ceramists and indigenous people from all parts of the world.

I chose what I think is a super nice carpet. It’s a nice size, super soft and the color combo is timeless… What could I want more?! Have a look at THEM. Come in and be inspired by high-quality workmanship at affordable prices. Please have a look into my instagram feed and find a cute reel about my new carpet there. Have a lovely day!