Falling asleep may seem like an impossible dream, when you’re awake at 2 a.m., but basically good sleep is not a rocket science. I am very sensitive when it comes to this topic. In other words I need the good sleep for a living with quality. Everything works better when you have a good night. I do not always sleep well and there are phases where I can not switch off and drag the problems and tasks to bed … but one of the things that helped a lot to get me a better night’s sleep is my bed.

Since a few years I am proud owner of a Schramm bed. And I have to warn everyone who wants to buy this bed. You will miss this bed very much when you travel and return home with joy. A few weeks ago I had the unique opportunity to meet Marisa Schramm, one of the owners daughters. For this I traveled to Schramm headquarters in Winnweiler. Marisa showed me the whole factory and I was able to experience first hand how the beds are made, which I love so much.

Here is the statement true, that quality has its price. I was very impressed by their showroom too. There I was able to experience the whole world of Schramm. Decoration must haves from bedroom to bathroom. Schramm offers all that in the meantime. According to Marisa Schramm, the Schramm customer wants to immerse himself in the brand and fully experience it. Therefore, the brand has invested a lot in the development of the collection in recent years …. and I think with success. Since this visit I only dream of adding my Schramm bed with these beautiful pillows, plaids and bedspreads.Have a lovely day!