“Scenic Eclipse 2: A Marvel of Luxury, Design, and Environmental Responsibility”

Just a few days ago I was allowed to do a four days trip with the Scenic Eclipse 2. This is the successor to the Scenic eclipse 1. Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours is a privately held cruise and tour company founded in 1986 by Australian businessman Glen Moroney.

The journey started in Amsterdam with destination Bergen in Norway. I was extremely curious about the ship, because it’s only two months old and looks more like a large discovery yacht… much smaller than normal cruise ships, ultra luxurious and exclusive.

When it comes to luxury cruising, the Scenic Eclipse 2 is an embodiment of opulence and innovation, designed to provide an unparalleled experience for travelers who appreciate both extravagance and environmental responsibility. Let’s delve into the details of this magnificent vessel, from its exquisite interior design and impressive size to its eco-friendly facilities that set a new standard in the cruise industry.

A World of Interior Elegance:

Interior design on the Scenic Eclipse 2 is a symphony of luxury, comfort, and aesthetics. The ship’s spacious suites and staterooms are meticulously designed to create an oasis of tranquility for guests. Luxurious furnishings, fine materials, and tasteful decor make every room a haven of relaxation and refinement. Each room offers private balconies, providing panoramic views of the breathtaking landscapes you’ll encounter on your journey. My cabin was one of the 114 and was at the top on the 8th floor. There are 14 categories in total. Mine was the Spa Suite due to a large bathtub with a view in the bathroom. A butler service as well as food and drinks throughout the ship were included. It had a spacious dressing room and balcony… not to be despised was the king-size bed, which was heavenly soft and comfortable. And as expected, the interior was very elegant and noble. In the bathroom you had just as much space, a floor-to-ceiling shower and, as already mentioned, a large bathtub. This is particularly interesting for the beauty lovers now… there was even a brand new Dyson hair dryer.

Spacious Dimensions:

The Scenic Eclipse 2 boasts a considerable size, offering an expansive and comfortable space for guests. With a length of 551 feet (168 meters) and a width of 72 feet (22 meters), this vessel accommodates a limited number of passengers, ensuring an exclusive and uncrowded experience. Its generous size allows for larger public areas, offering a sense of spaciousness and comfort that is unparalleled in the cruise industry.

World-Class Facilities:

The ship’s facilities are a testament to luxury and entertainment. It features multiple dining venues, each offering a diverse culinary experience, from fine dining to casual al fresco options. The on-board spa and wellness center provide a range of rejuvenating treatments and fitness options. Additionally, a heated pool, theater, and numerous lounges and bars ensure that guests have ample opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.

Eco-Friendly Commitment:

The Scenic Eclipse 2 is not just about luxury and comfort; it’s equally dedicated to preserving the environment. The vessel integrates advanced eco-technologies to minimize its impact on the oceans and the planet. Here are some of the ways it champions environmental responsibility:

1. Advanced Wastewater Treatment: The ship uses cutting-edge systems to ensure the purest wastewater discharge, safeguarding the delicate marine ecosystems it visits.
2. Fuel Efficiency: Its engines are designed for maximum fuel efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact.
3. Recycling and Waste Reduction: Rigorous recycling and waste management programs are in place to minimize waste generation and promote sustainability.
4. Silent Cruising: Specialized technology minimizes underwater noise pollution, allowing marine life to thrive undisturbed.
5. Renewable Energy: The ship utilizes renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, to reduce its reliance on traditional energy sources.
6. Marine Wildlife Protection: Advanced technology allows for the non-intrusive observation of marine animals, enriching the passenger experience while respecting wildlife.
7. Carbon Offset Programs: The Scenic Eclipse 2 invests in carbon offset programs to mitigate its carbon emissions, contributing to a carbon-neutral operation.

Dining on the Scenic Eclipse 2 is a culinary journey that complements the luxury and sophistication of the vessel. The ship offers a range of dining venues, each catering to different tastes and preferences. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect when dining on this extraordinary cruise ship:

1. Lumière is the ship’s main dining venue, and it sets the stage for elegant and fine dining experiences. This restaurant offers a menu featuring a fusion of international and local flavors. Guests can savor gourmet dishes prepared with the finest ingredients while enjoying the backdrop of panoramic ocean views through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

2. Elements is a restaurant that takes you on a culinary journey around the world. This venue features a diverse menu inspired by different cuisines from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The open-kitchen concept allows you to witness the culinary magic as dishes are prepared by talented chefs. I had the best Sushi of my life there.

3. Azure Bar & Café: If you’re looking for a more relaxed dining experience, Azure Bar & Café is the place to be. It’s perfect for casual meals, snacks, and refreshing beverages. You can enjoy a variety of light bites and coffee while taking in the fresh sea breeze on the deck.

4. Koko’s: For those with a love for seafood, Koko’s offers a tantalizing seafood and grill menu. You can relish fresh catches of the day, perfectly grilled and prepared to your liking.

5. Yacht Club: The Yacht Club is an al fresco dining venue, providing a casual yet stylish atmosphere. It’s an ideal spot to enjoy breakfast or a light lunch while surrounded by breathtaking ocean views.

6. 24/7 In-suite Dining: If you prefer the privacy of your suite, you can take advantage of the 24/7 in-suite dining service. You can order from a comprehensive menu, and your meals will be delivered to your room for you to savor in the comfort of your own space.

Special Dietary Requirements: Scenic Eclipse 2 is accommodating of various dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and more. The culinary team is skilled at tailoring meals to suit individual preferences and needs.

Wine and Spirits: The ship also boasts a carefully curated wine cellar and an extensive selection of premium spirits. The expert sommeliers can help you pair the perfect wine with your meal, enhancing your dining experience.

In summary, dining on the Scenic Eclipse 2 is a delight for the senses. Whether you’re in the mood for gourmet dining, international cuisine, or a casual snack, the ship’s dining venues offer a wide range of options to cater to your desires. The commitment to culinary excellence, combined with the luxurious surroundings, ensures that dining on this cruise ship is a memorable and delectable experience.

In conclusion, the Scenic Eclipse 2 is a triumph of luxury, design, and environmental responsibility. Its breathtaking interior design, generous size, and world-class facilities ensure an unforgettable cruise experience. What sets it apart is its unwavering commitment to sustainability, pioneering a new era of responsible luxury travel. This vessel proves that travelers can indulge in opulence without compromising the health of our planet’s precious ecosystems. The Scenic Eclipse 2 is not just a cruise; it’s a voyage toward a more sustainable future for the entire cruise industry. My very personal highlights during this cruise were the visit to their two Airbus helicopters which can be booked for sightseeing flights. Dive boats are also part of it… and the visit to the bridge. On this ship it is open to everyone and may be visited at any time. Of course, I took advantage of this opportunity immediately and witnessed the docking maneuver when we arrived in Stavanger. Simply unforgettable! Check my instagram feed for the videos of this trip under my highlights. xoxo Georgia.