When I think about Sintra, I can only think of one thing … the Rio de Janeiro of Europe. Why is that, you ask? Because this small piece of Portugal has a sub-tropical climate and therefore a vegetation as it only occurs in Rio de Janeiro. On top of that, Portugal and Brazil share a common history. The result of this is that the architecture in Sintra is very similar to certain parts of Rio. I have definitely felt at home there.

As part of our tour of Portugal trip we were in Sintra for two days and time was not enough to discover the whole area. Nevertheless, we stayed in a wonderful palace hotel called Tivoli Palácio de Seteais. This hotel is a Mecca for Grandhotel fans. It is fully furnished with antique furniture and has a unique and original charm. The pool is located next to a subtropical forest. You only hear birdsongs the whole day and nothing else. The view from there is equally impressive. You can see the Atlantic ocean.

These two days there were so good for me. The high humidity, the good food, the fantastic scenery… For even more relaxation, the great full-body massage has provided, which I have booked in the hotel’s own spa.
I could talk about this place forever, but I do not want to overtax you. But one thing I can say for sure … Sintra is worth a visit and if you want to stay in a hotel with style and elegance, Palacio de Seteais is the place for you. Please check here a photo shoot that took place there. xoxo Georgina Moreno